What’s the point in being angry? Think about it. You’re given x amount of time to live your life. It’s like a lottery in reverse. Instead of hitting a jackpot, you’re about to hit empty. The thing is, you have no gauge to see how much time you have left.

So, why bother with anger? Yeah, it’s a natural reaction. Deal with it. Get angry, recognize, and step down. Life may be too short, it may not, but it’s life. It’s for living. Anger contributes to dying. So, stop being angry. Live instead. Find out what forgiveness means to you and practice it.

What if the person you love most in this world makes you angry tonight? You let them know. And what if he or she dies before you make up? The last moment you will have had with him or her is an angry one. Why risk it?

Get angry, breathe, then laugh it off. It’s a good philosophy. The world would be a better place if people would realize it. Guess what, I’m pissed off. Let me buy you a drink and tell you a joke. See? No more war. Just eating, drinking, and being merry.

So…get pissed! See red! Be furious! Now suck it up, be glad you’re alive, and tell someone you love them. The best person to tell is that person that you’re angry with right now.

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